Trigger Point Therapy Massage

Alternative Therapy Hamburg, NY

A technique that involves the application of pressure to a tight area of the muscle tissue in order to relieve chronic pain issues and dysfunction in other parts of the body.  With this selection, deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy are performed together.

Active trigger points cause muscular pain and will refer pain and tenderness to another area of the body.
With trigger point therapy, pain can be eliminated, swelling and stiffness reduced, a range of motion is increased, tension is relieved, and circulation, flexibility, and coordination are improved. A trigger point massage can be the ultimate tool
in stress relief as it addresses the muscles that are causing your pain issues. Call us today and 
schedule your appointment in Hamburg, NY.


30 minute session - $40
60 minute session - $85
90 minute session - $100
With Aromatherapy – Add $15
With Essential Oils – Add $15
With Hot Stones – Add $15
Add any 2 for $25