Swedish Massage

Holistic Therapy Hamburg, NY


Perfect for all, the Swedish massage uses light to moderate pressure, depending on your preference and needs. This massage is designed to provide overall well-being and relaxation. The Swedish massage not only feels good, but is great for circulation and stress reduction. During a Swedish massage, the body's nerves are stimulated and soothed at the same time, allowing for the stress to be released from all the body's muscles.
Your skin also benefits from the increased blood flow, keeping the surface soft and pliable along with the underlying muscles and tendons.

What to Expect

Swedish Massages uses five styles of flowing pressure to provide the best stress and pain management relief; sliding and gliding, kneading, tapping, friction, and vibration. Your therapist will focus on any specific areas of tension where you may be having chronic pain, all while loosening up the entire body to allow complete stress relief. For those less experienced in massage therapy, the Swedish Massage would be an excellent choice.

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30 minute session - $35
60 minute session - $65
90 minute session - $80
With Aromatherapy – Add $15
With Essential Oils - $15
With Hot Stones - $15
Add any 2 for $25