Pain Management

Pain Management

Benefits of Therapeutic Massage Therapy for Pain Management

According to the Mayo Clinic, studies have shown that massage therapy can offer an effective treatment for stress reduction, pain management, and muscle tension. It can also help to relieve the following conditions:

• Anxiety
• Digestive disorders
• Fibromyalgia
• Headaches
• Stress-related insomnia
• Myofascial pain syndrome
• Soft tissue injuries
• Sports injuries
• Temporomandibular joint pain

If you’re in pain and are looking for options that aren’t surgery or potentially addictive medications, come to Reflexion of Sole. Our massage therapy services may be the right pain management regimen for you!

At Reflexion of Sole, we offer several different types of massage therapy, including the following: • Reiki – Uses a light touch to channel energy and reduce stress • Deep Tissue – Focuses on deeper layers of tissue and muscle, good option for sports injuries • Swedish – Uses light to moderate pressure to promote relaxation • Hot Stone – Deep massage that is good for those with chronic back pain and knots 

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30 minute session - $40
60 minute session - $85
90 minute session - $100
With Aromatherapy – Add $15
With Essential Oils – Add $15
With Hot Stones – Add $15
Add any 2 for $25