Relaxation Services in Hamburg, NY

Named after Hamburg, Germany, Hamburg is on the western border of Erie County south of Buffalo, NY. Originally settled by the Erie people, Hamburg was known as Barkerville being named after the postmaster Zenas Barker. In 1815, many German settlers moved to the town and created many successful farms in the area. Booming once again in 1890 Polish and Italian immigrants flocked to the area to work for the growing steel industry. Every year thousands flock to Hamburg to witness the 3rd largest US county fair, the Erie County Fair in the Summer and the Festival of Lights during the Winter season.

If you are in Hamburg visiting one of our famous attractions or a proud resident that needs some relaxation for an hour or two, call Reflexion of Sole. We offer a variety of massages, aromatherapy, biomat, holistic reiki therapy, and an alternative pain management therapy. We specialize in the ancient principles that points on your feet all connect to a part of the body and we use these points to relieve your pain. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to reach out to us today and schedule an appointment.